About us

Good Measure Creative is a design & print shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are a husband and wife team who love weddings, love people, and love crafting beautiful printed goods!  We specialize in custom wedding invitations and anything you’d need printed for a wedding. Marisa is the graphic designer (free-spirit) and Kaleb is the printing specialist (nerd). Marisa has worked for an Oklahoma based marketing agency & non-profit organization. Her professional experience, coupled with her formal training from Oklahoma State, gives her a depth of design knowledge that she uses to produce beautiful imagery that fits your wedding. Kaleb has worked in and around the commercial printing industry for nearly a decade. His experience with different printing companies and methodologies allows your stationery to be printed with the right technology to fit your style and your budget.  

Marisa | Graphic Designer & Etiquette Maestro

School: Oklahoma State University Sillier than you think, tried out for minor league mascot position Loves: CrossFit, cookies, volleyball, coffee, her dogs Sampson & Penny, sitting in the sun Sampson “Mama’s Boy” | Office Dog School: Oklahoma State University Protective, thinks he’s human, not an early riser Loves: Walks, burying bones, treats, snuggling

Kaleb | Printing, Mailing & Pricing Expert School: Rogers State University Really tall, gives good hugs, grill master Loves: Basketball, Football, Working Out, The Beach, The Mountains, Cereal Penny “Hell on Paws” | Office Dog Sassy, bossy, early riser, tiny

Loves: Snuggling, chewing on bones, eating

Owen Snuggly, happy, really good eater

Loves: Mama & Daddy, milk, reading books

Enought about us. Let's look at some invitations! =)