See some of our most frequently asked questions below! As always, if there is something not covered on our site, feel free to contact us! We are happy to answer your questions.

When do I need to send out Save the Dates? Invites?

Save the dates need to arrive 6-8 months prior to your wedding. Invitations need to arrive in guests’ homes 6-8 weeks prior to wedding

What’s the proper wording for our family?

Great question 🙂 click here to read our blog post that talks about wording etiquette in more detail

Can we make it a postcard?

Yes! Most designs can be converted from a single-sided card + envelope into a double-sided postcard. This is a great option if you are a bride on a budget!

Can we add information on the back?

Yes! Printing on the backside of paper is usually an inexpensive way to add a little extra touch that goes a long way!

Can we change the words?

Yes! Check out our etiquette blog post here for more information about the right words to use based on your friends and families. 

Can we change the fonts?

Yes! We have hundreds of fonts to choose from and if we don’t have one that matches your look, we can always search for more or hand illustrate something that fits your style! 

When do I need to request rsvp response back?

2-4 weeks prior to your wedding. This answer will ultimately depend on your caterer, event planner, or venue. You want to give your vendors enough time to prepare, but allow everyone who can come notify you that they’ll be attending.

When do I need to print?

Depending on the nature of your artwork, quantity needed to print, & assembly needed please blockout 2-6 weeks for printing & delivery. Orders can be completed sooner than two weeks, contact us for a more definite time frame!

I have lots of ideas it don’t know what’s best. Can you help me figure it out?

 Yes! We’ve helped hundreds of brides and trust us…you can do it! We’re here to help you

When do I need to pay?
Depending on the experience you’d like to have you’ll either pay:
  • A deposit to get custom order started (applied toward balance of order). Balance due when all items are approved for print.

  • A deposit for altered request (applied toward balance of order). Balance due when everything is approved for print.
  • Full Balance at time of placing existing design order
Do I have to pay a deposit in order to meet with you?

In order to protect our time (and existing customers), we do require a deposit before meeting in person. However, we’re more than willing to talk over the phone, video, or email to answer as many questions as possible before you put any money down. We want our in person meeting to be fun and enjoyable experience to kickoff your paper goods journey!

Can you do signage for reception that matches our invitations?

Yes! Anything that you need to communicate to your guests, we can help with. Click here to see some examples of items we’ve done

I have these really cool/big/random item that I want to incorporate into my wedding. Can you help me find a way to incorporate them?

Yes!! We love getting creative and collaborating with you on how we can make something unique to your family

Can you work with my event planner?

Yes! We love working with event planners and happy to coordinate our efforts so that you have the best experience and we’re not duplicating efforts

Still Have Questions?

We’d love to help! Call or email us and we’re happy to help answer your questions.