Wedding invitations are something I love to design. I love taking a bride’s vision and turning it into reality. Before we started Good Measure, I was able to design some of my friend’s wedding invitations and I loved it. I loved everything from talking with the bride, seeing how excited she was to marry her love, to the designing and then printing it on the perfect paper! I’m a nerd, I know. 

A couple weeks ago, I was presented the opportunity to be a part of the Tulsa Wedding Show…in August. Yes, that leaves only one month for me to prepare. Eek! So, the day after I officially decided to sign up to be a vendor, I hit the ground running trying to plan what my booth would look like, the invitations that I would display, how I would display them, etc. 

I decided to go to some garage sales to see if I could find some interesting ways to display the invitations. I really hit the jackpot! I found some really inexpensive (but ugly) frames, a cute basket and then…..(drum roll please)…..THIS!

Yes, this ugly thing. It was so gross! I found it on someone’s curb. And things are free if they are on someone’s curb, right? Well, this thing had ugly wall paper in it, 3 wheels, bugs…it just wasn’t cute. BUT I saw potential in it! And it was FREE

“Shoot, I can make that cute! A good sanding, some fresh stain on the top, and a fresh coat of paint will fix it right up!”

So, I got out of my car (yellow VW bug), inspected it, and then decided to load it up. I had NO idea how I was going to fit it in there or how I was going to lift it in there! It was kind of heavy!

“Wait…what functional CrossFit movement is this? A dead lift!”

So, thanks to one of my favorite places here in Tulsa, CrossFit Vital, I was able to dead lift this thing into the front seat, put half of it out the window and half of it in my lap and bring it home! 


The wonderful husband helped me sand it. And put a coat of stain on the top. 

I put a fresh coat of paint on the body of it. It was paint that we just had here at the house. We bought some new hardware for it and TA-DA! a cute new table/shelf thing (for only about $10) for my wedding show booth!

Here it is all pretty and finished!

I think now, I’m addicted to finding “junk” on the curb and transforming it into something really pretty and useful! Stay tuned for more “Junk to Jewel.”