Let’s welcome our newest addition to the website, Goods!

Goods is becoming a little online store where you can purchase nicely designed posters to frame and hang up in your home, apartment or office. More printed goods to come!

But first, let me give you a little background on these posters. 

When I had an “office job” I would put up little inspirational reminders all over my cubical. Whether it was scripture, words of wisdom or just funny sayings, I had dozens. I would write them on little sticky notes or pieces of paper torn out of a notebook and put them on the wall of my cube with a thumb tack. It was those reminders that gave me a little extra push during the day. I guess I could say that I really developed my “self motivating” skills. 

Now that I have my dream job, I work from home (and not in a cubical), I don’t have those little sticky notes up. But it’s ok, this time I’m motivated because I’m doing what I love. 

I wanted to share those little tid-bits of wisdom with everyone else through beautiful design. It’s important to be reminded of these things, to name a few:

  • You were chosen before you were born to be God’s hands and feet
  • That a girl should be classy AND fabulous (thank you, Coco Chanel)
  • That what you plant in faith–don’t you dare dig up in doubt! (God is bigger than that!!)
  • That even though God sees the depths of our hearts–sinful and unclean, he loves us just  the same. Whoa.

I can only hope that these beautifully designed posters will inspire you, encourage you and if nothing else, make you want to hang something pretty in your house 🙂 They are only $5.00, will be printed on premium card stock with vivid colors and will arrive on your cute doorstep in only a matter of days!

Now, head on over to Goods and check it out! Come back in a few days though, I will be adding more printed goods frequently!