Quite possibly the best question I’ve been asked when designing something for a wedding.

At Good Measure, when something is designed, it is designed for YOU. It’s personal, it’s custom. After all, not everything can fit into a cookie cutter design, right?

So, speaking of making things personal, I wanted to share some Save the Dates that were so fun to design! 

These were for a lovely couple, Katy and David. They are so sweet and so fun! I can’t wait for their guests to receive these! The couple wanted illustrations of themselves and…(my favorite) their dogs! I loved that idea! It is so unique and guaranteed, there are no other invitations in the world with their faces on them 🙂 

So, how did I do that, you ask?

I began by having Katy email me her favorite photos of themselves and their dogs. There were a couple ways I thought of going about this. One being a combination of illustration (like drawing with ink) and watercolor OR a digital illustration. I chose to go with a digital illustration.

Here are the photos I referenced:

A quick run-down of how I do something of the sort:

  1. Program used: Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Open photo in Illustrator.
  3. Trace prominent features with the pen tool; no fill color; outline can be the color of your choice, doesn’t matter right now. (Quick tip: Squint your eyes at the photo and whatever is darkest or stands out most even with your eyes fuzzy is a feature you will want to trace. This can also be used when drawing and determining where shadows fall.)
  4. Use the eyedropper tool to pick up the correct color of hair, skin color, eye color, etc. and use that for the fill color; remove the outline.
  5. Make sure you have shadows placed correctly. Don’t get too detailed, that’s not necessary. 
  6. Pay careful attention to the eyes and mouth, those are the two features I have found that can make or break a digital portrait. 

Now that was very vague but for those that didn’t understand any of those instructions, I don’t want to bore you. If you have any questions about that, feel free to email me. I’d be happy to help!

You will notice that “Save the Date” and “Katy and David” are a script font and look free-hand with a whimsical feel. That is because they are! I painted those with acrylic ink, scanned them into the computer and made them digital. I will have a post very soon instructing you how I do that. Many people have asked so I think I should share! Stay tuned! 

We know the finishing touches are important so I’m starting to package things differently. My sister, who is so talented with the sewing machine, hand-made an envelope out of the most beautiful blush fabric with lace trim. It was so sweet and so perfect because those are Katy’s colors.

Need something sewn? Contact me for my sister’s info! She’s great. And very timely. Ok, I’ll stop bragging on her. Buuut she does make the most wonderful rice and/or corn bags called A Bag of Cozy. They are the best. And you might just get one if I design your invitations 😉

So, there you have it–the most personal Save the Dates I have designed yet. The sky is the limit when it comes to things like Save the Dates and Invitations. If you are starting to think about paper goods for your wedding or event, I encourage you think outside of the box! Don’t think inside of a template that a million other girls are using. Allow yours to be a one of a kind.