Pablo Picasso once said “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” 

There is some truth in Mr. Picasso’s words. Great designers must always be on the look out for the newest designs, best typefaces to use and creativity to be inspired by. It is important to constantly check out other (nicely designed) work and become inspired by what other up-to-date, talented designers do. We do not however, want to copy work (because when it comes down to it, we would all rather be great, not good, right?). So take what other designers have created and use that to inspire your next project or design. After all, multiple creative brains are much better than one! 🙂 

Here are 10 sites that I love to gain inspiration from. I hope you enjoy them too! 🙂

  1. Hand lettering: Sean Wes 
  2. Just a solid collection of beautiful things: Design Sponge
  3. When I need to laugh: This Advertising Life 
  4. To be “In the Know”: Mashable 
  5. Find lovely colors: Hail Pixel 
  6. Color palette inspiration: Adobe Color CC
  7. When I need a break: Creative Bloq
  8. Beautiful personalized things: Mark & Graham 
  9. To see the work of designers around the world: Behance
  10. My all time favorite & everyday design inspiration (plus free fonts on Friday!): Abduzeedo 

There are several others that I frequent and will share at another time. This will get you started on expanding your knowledge for today. Happy Monday!

xo, M