So you’ve seen the posts on Facebook about how great these oils are.
You’ve wondered, “What are these things and are these people crazy hippies?”
You’ve contemplated commenting on the Facebook status about them to learn more and then opted not too.
BUT you’re STILL curious! Well friends, I would like to share my recent experiences. 

Experience #1

It was a Monday. I had been staring at the computer all day long designing and my head was KILLING me! I couldn’t shake the headache and I really didn’t want to take medication. My best friend Madalene just happened to text me that day to see how I was doing. I told her of this terrible headache I had so she ran some Young Living samples by my house. (Thank you, Jesus!) She told me to use the Peppermint oil– to put a couple drops on my thumb and press it to the roof of my mouth and/or rub it on my temples. So, I did both. Within minutes, my headache had subsided and before too long, it was gone!

Experience #2

This time, it was a Friday afternoon. My head and neck started to feel really sore. I wasn’t sure why but again, I didn’t want to take medication if I didn’t have to. My friend Beth came over and gave me an awesome shoulder and neck rub. That helped tremendously but didn’t take it away completely. My body started to feel really achey, I developed a high fever and my stomach was in shambles. This time I texted my mom and thankfully, just the day before, she had bought Lavender oil and Frankincense oil. My dad brought those over to me right away. I put Frankincense on the bottoms of my feet and along my spine.  I also used the lavender on the bottoms of my feet and legs. Within a couple hours, my fever had broken and I didn’t feel like I was going to die. Seriously, at one point, I wasn’t sure. After all that was said and done, my Premium Starter Kit came in the mail and I diffused the heck out of Theives to kill any other bacteria or virus that was in our house! Along with prayer and TLC from my hot husband, this stuff saved me.

Experience #3

Restless legs, you guys. OMG. Have you ever experienced restless legs? It’s like your muscles want to jump out of your skin! Beyond being uncomfortable, it’s just annoying. Like seriously legs, relax!! My mom says I get it from her. Well, after a little research and trial, I found that if you rub lavender (and Peace & Calming if you have it) on the bottoms of your feet, calves and thighs, your legs relax! It’s like magic! AND BONUS it helps you go to sleep too! So no more sleepless nights. 

Experience #4

Over several years of sports and being active (plus never having my back adjusted), my back is very out of alignment causing a nerve to be pinched, sending a pain down my legs. Not fun. I haven’t done a CrossFit workout in like 4 weeks (and I’m about to go crazy). I heard that oils called Pan-away (should be called Pain-away ;)) and Valor (chiropractor in a bottle) could help! I literally just rub the oils where it hurts and within minutes the pain and uncomfortableness has subsided! It’s so cool. Madalene told me to add peppermint to the mix…so I did and this brings me to Experience #5. 

Experience #5

Several years ago, my dad hurt his shoulder. It healed but still gives him grief every once in a while. When he told me it had been bothering him recently, I made some pain cream for him using Valor, Pan-away, Peppermint and Coconut oil. He loves it! He was putting it on every ache and pain that he had! My mom and brother have good things to say about it too 🙂 Yay!

When I bought the starter kit, I prayed that I would be able to use it to help other people. Not even a week later, I’ve already been given that opportunity. This stuff is amazing and I love it because it is all natural. God made it. Essential oils come from plants, they are the life blood of plants. God knew when making those plants, that we would need to use them for healing some day. 

Are you in need of anything specific? Have you been curious about these oils? If you would like more info on Young Living Essential Oils, leave your email address in the comments and I will send you some more information!