Well, it’s been an embarrassingly long time since anything has been posted on this little blog. So, I bring to you, my Galentine’s Day party. Throwing parties is one of my all time favorite things. Girls nights have always been another one of my all time favorite things.

Galentine’s Day is like the all time girls night. And thanks to Parks & Rec’s Leslie Knope, it exists.

6 steps to creating the perfect Galentine’s Day Party:

1. Decide whom to invite. Perhaps make a Facebook event so they don’t forget 🙂 

2. Tell them what Galentine’s Day is just in case they don’t know. Leslie Knope tells it best.

3. Decide what you will be doing at this girls night. For this one, it was just a good ol’ fashion girls night– delicious food, drinks, conversation and hanging out. 

4. FOOD! Get on Pinterest and explore. Search “Valentines Day food” or even “Galentines Day food.”
Here are some of the things we had: Waffles with syrup, heart shaped bacon, homemade white chocolate hearts, Chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry & chocolate cake balls from Tulsa Cake Pop Stop, candy (Reeses, Peppermint patties, Converstation hearts), Cookies, these delicious croissant things with a sausage+peppers+cream cheese mixture on top (thanks Hannah!) and a delicious and super easy punch to drink! YUM!

5. DECORATE! It’s oh-so-fun!
I cut out little hearts from glittery and fun paper and attached them to a string to hang from the ceiling. Very cute, easy, inexpensive.
I also got little pieces of burlap from Michaels and painted “x’s and o’s” & hearts and chevron on them and hung it on the mantle.
I had red table cloths, cute dishes, chalk boards with quotes from Leslie Knope, and pink flowers. 

6. TREAT YO’ SELF. Have a little something for your girls to take home. Since design is what I do, I designed and printed postcards for the girls to take with them and send to other girls. Spread the love! Girls need to know they are loved, beautiful, worthy and enough and I hope those postcards will make them feel just that, in a silly way–that they are so very special 🙂 
Don’t have design+printing resources?  No worries! Make something that is within your niche…or call me and I’ll help you out!

Galentine’s Day is really just about appreciating the sweet girlfriends in your life. That’s exactly what I aimed to do this past weekend. I hope they felt the love. I’m still tired but I wouldn’t trade it. Love these girls to the moon and back!

Have fun girls night ideas? Let me hear them! Post in the comments.