Pricing Information

I get the question all the time. Invitations cost as much or as little as you’d like, but for most couples they generally cost between $1-$10 per invitation suite. Some of the key components are:

  • Quantity- How many people are you planning to invite (think households, not people).
    As a rule of thumb, the higher the number of households the lower the unit cost will be (aka you get a discount for the more you order.)

I always tell people order on the side of too many as opposed to too few. A big portion of the cost associated with printing is the setup cost. You don’t want to pay all the setup costs (sometimes 80% of the total cost) for 5 more invites that your crazy mother in law HAD to invite that you’ve never met! {I said it. But don’t you say it. I’m looking out for you ;)}

  • Number of Pieces- How many components are you planning to mail to people?
    Save the Date, Envelopes, Invite, Map Card, RSVP Cards, Thank you Cards, Events/Attraction Card.

All of these different components will affect how much to budget for paper goods

  • Art Work- Will your invites have elegant raised black text or full color photos? Will they be printed front and back or front only? Will they have classic foil? Or perhaps modern metallic paper? Diecut to special shape? Letterpress or Embossing?

Don’t get too overwhelmed here. We are paper & printing experts. While some of these effects may seem Greek to you, we have made it our passion in making all these options come together in a beautiful way that creates an experience unique to you while simultaneously staying within your budget.

  • Size- This may seem obvious, but the bigger the invite (and corresponding materials) the increased investment you’ll need to make in your invitations. Not only to print costs, but postage costs as well.

Our most common amount invested into invitations is in between $500-$1500. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on what you’d like.

In Proverbs 15:22, it says “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” Our mission at GMC is to be a starting point for prospering marriages for soon-to-be married couples. We want to be one of your trusted advisors that helps you not only have great looking invitations, but one that helps you set the stage for a perfect day.

If we can help in any way at any stage of the planning process, please contact us! If you have photos or pins you can send us to get an idea of inspiration, please do!

All the best,
Kaleb Woolever