Online RSVP vs. Mailed RSVP card

Which is better? Is it tacky to have an online RSVP for my guests? Do people actually send the card back?

These are questions I get at almost every consultation and really, there is no right or wrong answer. Let me break it down for you.

Online RSVP

With an online RSVP, you can have your guests send their response on a website that you create or even an email address like, (that’s not real). It saves money on paper and postage and really, in this day and age, it’s almost easier for people to send a quick email.

Speaking from personal experience, Kaleb and I did an online RSVP for our wedding (2 years ago) and it was very successful for a few reasons!

  1. Everyone sent in their reply either from our website or by email. They all ended up in the same inbox so it didn’t matter where it came from. I quickly put them in a spreadsheet as soon as I got them. Very organized.
  2. Those that didn’t have a computer or know how to work a computer just called us, which we were happy about anyway =)
  3. We had a 4 month engagement so we didn’t do Save the Date cards, we just sent our invitations a little sooner than the recommended (6-8 weeks). Guests didn’t have much time to decide if they could come or not so sending an email was much more efficient in our case.

Mailed RSVP card

A reply card that guests send back is very traditional. I just know that Emily Post is so proud every time I design a mailed reply card. Your mother or grandmother may be opinionated in this arena, and that’s ok! Allow her to be. Think about it—when our parents got married, that’s the only choice they had. There was no email or websites. It’s what they are used to.

Mailed RSVP cards work well when:

  1. You give your guests ample time to mail back the card. Don’t send your invites out and expect to receive the cards within a week. I’m sorry but it won’t happen.
  2. You are inviting a lot of older guests. If the majority of your guests are like our grandparents (“don’t have a computer, don’t want a computer”), then it’s best to send a mailed RSVP card. Chances are, they will do a better job of mailing it back than your friends in their 20s and 30s!

So there you have it! There are pros and cons to each choice. From here, it’s personal preference. You really can’t go wrong, after all, it is YOUR day.

Both are classy. Online is not tacky, girls. It’s resourceful 😉

Cheers to invitation designing!
XOXO, Marisa