So I stumbled upon this rant by a photographer the other day. WOW! I could feel the passion and true remorse for not having the conversation with the couple about personal photography prior to the wedding.

We honestly had never considered this, but now that is has been to our attention we intend to take preemptive action to make sure our brides don’t suffer this same result! While we aren’t photographers or event planners, this still applies to invitations.

One of the immediate thoughts that I have is that you can notify guests that you are going to have an “unplugged wedding” on the invitation (or other cards included with the invitation suite). This may be a new concept to most guests, so you might have to give a short explanation of what that means exactly.

Short and Sweet is best in my opinion. 

“The Smith wedding will be unplugged.”

“No technology please.” 

Or maybe

“Please leave your technology stored away for the duration of the ceremony”.

That way afterwards, Grandma can whip out that iPad and go picture crazy! Reinforce this decision with all the key people in the wedding process. A sign at the ceremony site, a message from the officiant, and an event planner on watch!

Either way, we think it’s a topic worth discussing with your photographer, planner, and future spouse. You may not elect to have unplugged wedding, but we want to help you consider all the important factors in this digital age we live in.

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Happy Wedding Planning!