Of all of the most important things to check of your list as a newly engaged couple, the number one is choosing your venue. Once you have picked where your wedding is going to happen, you can begin to really plan all of the other details. Until you do, you really can’t do too much else – including picking a date!


Of course there are always the traditional go-to options for brides, like churches and hotels, but there are also a million other places to consider for your wedding venue. The most important thing is to find a place that you love and that works within your budget, desired date, etc.


Below is our list of five creative wedding venues that you may not have thought of – but that you should take into consideration before nailing anything else down!


1.     Museums: From art museums to history museums and even conservatories, museums create a dramatic backdrop for any couple. Many of the options at these venues are beautiful from the beginning, with high ceilings and stunning architecture, which means that you may have to do less when it comes to overall decorating.


2.     Barns: There have been a number of old barns that have been converted into beautiful outdoor spaces, providing a roof in case of bad weather, but mainly a lovely setting that feels down-to-earth, relaxed, and enjoyable for everyone.


3.     National Forests and Parks: Couples can also look at local city and state options when it comes to finding the perfect natural setting for their wedding day. Many couples are often pleasantly surprised to see just how affordable some of these locales are – and how incredibly breathtaking they can be too.


4.     Library: Historic libraries can provide a unique setting for a wedding – think rows of hardcover books, gorgeous wooden tables, and classic architecture that tells a story for you and your guests.


5.     Zoo or Aquarium: Weddings done at zoos or aquariums can be as elegant as they are fun. Your guests will love the pictures they will get – and you will too!


As you consider different venues for your wedding, it’s important to remember to not overlook any of the rules or fees that some many places have. Make a list of questions, including things like catering, guest number, etc., and take it with you when you go to do your scouting.