3 days and counting ’til the Tulsa Wedding Show! We are ready and excited for it and can’t wait to meet all you sweet brides and their moms & besties. This will be our 5th Tulsa Wedding Show! Time sure does fly. 

Going to a large wedding show can be a tad overwhelming with all the vendors, food choices, music and crowd of other brides BUT if you are prepared for the day, it can be the most useful wedding planning tool.  

We put together a list of 5 things that can help you get the most out of Sunday. 

1. Be prepared (Got that checklist ready?)

  • Know which types of vendors you want to talk to. Are there specific things you need to cross off your list? Scope out the vendors at the show beforehand and find them first thing when you get there!
  • Wear comfortable shoes! Yes, it’s lots of walking so your heels might not be the best bet fit for this event 😉
  • If you connected with a certain vendor, put a little heart or star on the business card or brochure and connect with them after the show!   

2. Be excited (Don’t worry, be happy!)

  • This is a really exciting time in your life! Make it fun and don’t get overwhelmed! Make it a girls day out with your favorites, it’ll be a day you’ll remember!

3. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact (Like seriously, we don’t bite!)

  • You’re coming to a wedding show to get more information on vendors for YOUR wedding! So, talk to people! In order to talk to people, yes, you do have to look them in the eye 😉 You can do it though! Vendors are people, just like you, and we WANT to help you! 
  • Who knows, if you connect with someone and you are KIND, they may give you a discount or have other connections for you. Favor! 

4. Be honest (If you don’t need a certain service, let the vendor know!)

  • We (brides and vendors) are all there to make connections! But we want those connections to be meaningful and help you! If you already have flowers covered by your aunt, tell the florist that. If you are designing your own invitations, lets us know!
  • We don’t want to waste your time. We want you to get the most out of your experience there. 

5. Be open (Come with an open mind, there is a lot to choose from!)

  • There are a lot of amazing vendors and products to choose from! So come with an open mind. Be ready to learn about different people so you can choose someone who best fits you and your event.
  • Make sure your personality gels with the vendor you are choosing. Planning a wedding is a process and you want to work with people you enjoy.  

And that’s all! It’s going to be a blast. We can’t wait to hear about how you envision your big day. Be sure to come by and say hi to us! If you need invitations or any paper goods, we would love to chat with you! Connect with us here

All the best and happy planning!

XOXO-Kaleb and Marisa